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Small Business Support

NCI understands the needs of the small business community, the impact they have on the American economy, and the value they bring to our Government.

As a graduate of the Small Business Administration’s 8(a) program, NCI is committed to helping small businesses succeed. NCI works diligently to meet and exceed our small business goals under our prime contracts.

As evidence of our commitment to small business, NCI has an established Small Business Program Office. The responsibilities of this office include providing corporate oversight of NCI’s small business program, assisting operations and procurement personnel in identifying qualified small businesses, coordinating small business outreach efforts corporate wide, and training both operations and procurement personnel on the requirements of small business subcontracting.

NCI knows that diversity brings strength, innovation, and flexibility to our supplier base. By tapping the skills and technologies available within the small business community, NCI is able to support the missions of our Federal Government customers.

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