Empowerment AI Assistant

A Digital Assistant You Can Rely On

Empower AI Assistant resides on your computer and provides the information you need in real time. It continuously adapts from your inputs, as well as from the library of other Empower AI Assistant’s solutions, providing you―the human operator―with a decision advantage.

FEATURES AND BENEFITS AI Assistant Never Leaves Your Side

Each user has a desktop AI Assistant that they can personalize and train. Empower AI Assistant connects to a marketplace that allows human users to select and deploy available AI tools. Your Empower AI Assistant can be trained with custom commands to automate simple tasks for the user, using RPA and then shared with members of your team or agency.

Empower Toolkit

Your AI Assistant comes with a toolkit gives each user a view of their available and most frequently used applications, processes, and data feeds. The toolkit docks out of the way but is always a click away. As your mission grows or changes, you can adjust your views.

Empower Automation Marketplace

Marketplace that provides you with available sequences, which are custom commands that you creates for your Empower AI Assistant. These are mostly repeated tasks or routines that an operator performs for their job. These pre-built Robotic Process Automations (RPA) are available for download by other users with the proper credentials.

Side Panel

Each user who has an AI Assistant will have an easy view of their data as new sequences are created or new information is requested from your systems. This fast view provides you with even faster decision-making capabilities. You also will see alerts when new information is available, giving you helpful information at the right time.

INFORMED DECISIONS Eliminate Your Organization's Risk

NCI Empower AI Assistant leverages AI to provide predictive data, so you can make more informed choices. It eliminates your organization’s risk because NCI engineers ensure that your AI is continuously advancing your systems and not becoming outdated as your AI needs increase or change. This allows you to see the return on your AI investment and saves your team valuable time and money.

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