IT Service Management

NCI can provide you with end-to-end management and IT enterprise network services. We understand the processes, technology and federal/DoD regulations that drive your needs.

Need to lessen configuration and operational complexity?

Traditional server and data center technology are moving away from the stand-alone server, network and storage platforms toward converged solutions that combine all of these features into modular systems. In addition, your systems can manage themselves in autonomic fashion, reducing administrative effort. NCI delivers enterprise-class, bare-metal virtualization solutions focused on procuring capacity services and Enterprise-as-a-Service (EaaS) requirements in a fiscally-strained environment.

Our trained and certified IT service management professionals use NCI’s technical methodology as the baseline to customize each implementation to your requirements. We utilize network and traffic simulations to identify potential changes in network performance or possible security issues to protect your systems and data. And, we employ continual service improvement processes and knowledge-centric service-delivery assurance practices to keep mission-critical systems at peak performance.

Our unique, tailored methodology for delivering IT service management is based on defining your needs rather than simply implementing industry best practices. Our focus is on continual service improvements to identify areas for enhancing performance or process — resulting in value-added services for you.

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SOLUTIONS How will NCI tackle these challenges?

Cloud Services

As a cloud broker/integrator, NCI is trusted to help our clients navigate the range of cloud, EaaS, capacity services and virtualization options available in commercial and government marketplaces. We enable the benefits of the private cloud to be implemented through an enterprise cloud (eCloud) solutions behind our customers’ firewall for enhanced security/control. We focus on identifying, qualifying and partnering with leading Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft and Google.

IT Infrastructure Optimization

NCI’s government-focused, cloud-agnostic approach allows our customers to adapt rapidly to the changing environment and adopt the optimal cloud strategy — whether based on a public, private, hybrid or enterprise implementation model. We use an integrated, tailorable engineering and operations methodology for governing our IT infrastructure optimization services. We bring strategic partnerships with federally-focused cloud infrastructure providers that understand our customers’ security constraints and mission needs.

Data Center Consolidation

As a data center implementor/consolidator, NCI is adept at moving, modernizing and operating highly secure environments for U.S. Intelligence, military and healthcare communities where lives depend on the reliability and availability of the data. We drive increasing levels of cost savings as facilities become fully virtualized and offer opportunities to leverage innovative capacity services and Everything-as-a-Service (EaaS) procurement models to minimize upfront capital.

AI-Powered Service Desks

NCI’s AI solution, Shai, can empower your workforce to meet their mission by delivering best-in-class AI solutions coupled with NCI’s exceptional service offerings. More than 36% of service desk tasks can be AI-enabled.

  • Password reset
  • Ticket resolution
  • Self-directed help
  • Knowledge management
  • Account maintenance
  • Automated form processing
  • Smoke testing

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