IT Sustainment & Modernization

We provide customized solutions for your ever-evolving business and IT needs.

Trying to keep up with technology changes?

Your long-term, highly detailed traditional IT enterprise projects just won’t work anymore. NCI’s IT sustainment and modernization solutions allow you to increase collaboration with team members and produce minimally viable products that only get better through the process.

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SOLUTIONS How will NCI tackle these challenges?

Modernize your legacy code

NCI Shai® framework uses Holonic CodeIntent®, proprietary software that uses a machine learning process that rewrites existing code from legacy languages, like COBOL to new languages such as JAVA.

Develop and deliver secure applications

NCI Scrum Masters and agile development teams put your teams on successful delivery paths for new software applications.

Operate and maintain applications

Let us help you bring efficiency and visibility to application O&M using our CK method and teams. Our approach has proven to increase break-fix throughput, reduce lead time and cut support costs.

NCI’s AI solution, Shai, can reduce development costs by up to 70%.

  • Code refactoring
  • Software development
  • Risk mitigation
  • Intelligent programming
  • Error handling
  • Resource management
  • Quality assurance
  • Project management
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Refactoring Legacy Code Using AI

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Case Study

UNIX to Microsoft

Code conversion while maintaining data integrity

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