UNIX to Microsoft


Our Challenge

A Holonic customer with approximately 200,000 lines of code written in C with no dependencies used a Common Gateway Interface (CGI) on a stand-alone UNIX system. Holonic identified various issues during the analysis phase of the project, including the discovery of a database locking flaw that periodically undermined the integrity of the customer’s data. The customer requested the code be converted within a year to meet time-to-market requirements while focusing immediately on data integrity for in-production code.


How did we tackle this challenge?

Using the Holonic CodeIntent platform, the client’s code was converted from UNIX to Microsoft based C++ with a SQL Server database that ran on Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) for Windows.

Within a week, the CodeIntent was able to parse 80% of the project. Working with the customer’s subject matter expert, we provided the modernization platform to the customer’s exact specifications.

The time to refactor the 200,000 lines of code took a total of four weeks—13 times faster than expected by the customer.

The customer saved nearly 60% of its planned budget and reduced the need for programmers by more than two-thirds. The customer now has code with ensured data integrity.

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