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CMS360 is AdvanceMed, an NCI Company’s medical review tracking, reviewing and reporting system. CMS360 was designed specifically as the single application to integrate and control all aspects of the Comprehensive Error Rate Testing (CERT) RC program’s medical review activity. Its advanced three-tier design incorporates best practices built up during NCI’s 15 years of real-world experience with managing and successfully completing more than 1.5 million Medicare medical review audits for CMS. The application’s design includes industry-leading features that have greatly increased operational efficiency and productivity while managing and controlling a large number of Medicare medical review claims.

CMS360 was designed with efficient, time-saving features that include global search and sort functions, built-in checklists and worksheets, and status screens with information consolidated from multiple sources. The viewing of medical record images is completely integrated into the medical review process through NCI SmartView™ and is able to support large-sized records with enhanced bookmarks with sortable annotations.

  • CMS360 provides 508 Compliant reporting tools for all customers. NCI’s CMS360 Section 508 VPAT is posted below:

    CMS360 Section 508 VPAT v1.01