Code Modernization

Rapid Code Refactoring

Code refactoring using AI is a machine learning process that rewrites existing code from legacy languages like COBOL to newer languages like Java with minimal human intervention, as well as ensure existing and new code are completely secure and better documented. Using Holonic Technologies’ CodeIntent™ semantic learning platform, NCI engineers can correct, modernize and optimize any project that is written in any language, running on any stack.

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Features and Benefits Leveraging AI for Fast, Secure Results

NCI engineers can help you modernize legacy code for improved performance and security at a fraction of the cost of traditional refactoring methods.

Optimize Code

Works with any software stack and development environment

Secure access to client source code (onsite or offsite)

No documentation required

No client developer/architect time needed

Convert Any Language

Audit, correct, optimize, and regenerate any codebase

Transforms code from the time domain to the intent domain

Repairs, refactors, optimizes source code

Secure Code

Identify interoperability issues and correct security loopholes

Increase speed to market and speed of operations

Eradicate code debt

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