Empowerment Decision Support

Decision Support to Optimize Your Data Collection

Machine learning is driving efficiencies. Teaching your systems to learn how to find alignment among your documents and data is key to optimizing your outcomes. NCI has exclusively partnered with Tanjo, a leader in natural language processing (NLP), to provide our government customers with our Empowerment Decision Support. Our decision support provides your team with:

An enterprise brain that maps, organizes, and preserves your organizational knowledge

Process automation using NLP

FEATURES AND BENEFITS Quantify and Organize Your Data

Your organization has what they need at the tip of their fingers, and any new knowledge created is automatically organized. Then we teach your data how to stay organized based on your needs.

Organizational Knowledge Management

Government agencies deal with increasing amounts of data every day and it’s important that as new data comes in that redundancy is avoided.

NCI’s machine learning uses the enterprise brain to understand your data, learn how information enters the organization, who champions it and who challenges it, and how decisions are made. It identifies your experts in each domain and disseminates relevant knowledge to end-users based on their roles.

Training the Brain

Using NCI’s machine learning techniques, the enterprise brain will operate much like a personal assistant. The assistant will learn how your information is used by each user, resulting in faster and more efficient information delivery. It can also provide relevant information that is related to the search query without requiring search. Behavior and information needs are captured to improve delivery.

Cost savings

Machine learning and automation can, in short order, provide measurable cost savings of 10x or greater for analytical tasks. NCI Shai®, Scaling Humans with Artificial Intelligence, helps your teams be more efficient by allowing them to do more high-value work and letting ML do the everyday tasks.

Our NCI team of experts recommends a cloud environment with modern infrastructure resilient to downtime. We will provide turnkey options that you can have deployed often in less than a day.

EASY TO USE Auto-generated Taxonomy Based on Your Organization's Knowledge

We train the enterprise brain to know your specific area of expertise and connect it to the most efficient UI for your organization. The enterprise brain dramatically reduces costs and increases efficiencies by automating data tasks for using proven machine learning. Our machine learning team can help you achieve a deeper, more dynamic interaction with your data.

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