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Design Engineering Support Program, or DESP III, is a five-year multiple award Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (ID/IQ) contract vehicle providing a broad range of engineering services in support of any system or subsystem within the Air Force and other DoD agencies. The contract ceiling amount is set at $1.9 billion. Efforts will be placed on contract via task orders to support specific objectives which focus on improving system life cycle cost, operational life, performance, sustainment including maintainability and support, and safety and environmental friendliness.

  • One of the primary purposes of DESP III is to provide the Air Force and other DoD customers with a contract vehicle for engineering services in a fraction of the time normally required for standard contract actions. Although DESP III excludes repair work, it includes the development of prototypes and limited production runs, and can be used for advisory and assistance services. In addition, incidental construction essential to the performance of the engineering service is allowed. Since the DESP III contract is a services contract, all task orders placed against DESP III shall comply with AFI 63-124. As such, all Contract Engineering Tasks (CETs) shall be written in performance terms, in accordance with AFI 63-124. All work shall be described in terms of “what” the required output is, rather than “how” the work is to be performed or the number of hours to be provided, except when deemed essential by functional activity for safety and/or security reasons.

  • NCI is a leading provider of enterprise solutions and services to U.S. defense, intelligence, health and civilian government agencies. The company has the expertise and proven track record to solve its customers’ most important and complex mission challenges through technology and innovation. NCI’s team of highly skilled professionals focuses on delivering cost-effective solutions and services in the areas of agile development and integration; cybersecurity and information assurance; engineering and logistics; big data and data analytics; IT infrastructure optimization and service management; and health and program integrity. Headquartered in Reston, Virginia, NCI has approximately 2,000 employees operating at more than 100 locations worldwide.

    NCI DUNS#: 62-086-4504
    Business Size: Large
    NCI is registered in the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) System, and our company information can be obtained by searching under our CAGE Code (0MX49).

    Quality Assurance Program

    The International Organization for Standardization, based in Geneva Switzerland, leads the development of the internationally recognized ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System standard. NCI has been assessed and has met the ISO 9001 certification requirements for our business operations since May 2002. We have worked diligently to reflect these standards in our Quality Manual and Quality Procedures. By implementing these international quality standards within NCI’s daily business conduct, our customers have the benefit of lowered risk, successful completion and consistent quality in the products and services NCI proudly delivers each and every day.

    NCI Quality Policy
    NCI is committed to total customer satisfaction and will provide the necessary resources to deliver quality products and services by implementing and continually improving our quality management system.

    NCI Quality Objectives

    • Achieve total customer satisfaction
    • Provide the personnel needed to do the work
    • Provide acceptable products and services on time and within budget
    • Record our achievement in continual improvement

    NCI Quality Management System (QMS)
    NCI’s QMS is made up of the following components:

    • Quality Policy
    • Quality Objectives
    • Quality Manual
    • Quality Procedures
  • NCI Contract Number: FA8222-12-D-0001
    Period of Performance: January 2010 – 2015 (5-year order period, 7-year performance period)Aggregate Ceiling Value: $1.9 billion
    Authorized Users: Open to all DoD and federal agencies, and if authorized by specific legislation, state and local governments
    Primary NAICS Code: 541330

    • Engineering Services
    • Size Standard: $27 million

    Limited Production, Incidental Construction
    Data Rights: Government will assume Unlimited Data Rights unless you state otherwise in your task order proposal

    Ordering Clause: Special H Clause 9952.900-H900

    • Rule of two
    • Contracting Officer will make final decision
  • NCI has developed a partnership with this diverse team of large and small businesses, each selected for their unique capabilities to support the DESP IIII requirements. Following is a list of our teammates.

    Large Businesses:

    • ARES Corporation
    • Ball Aerospace and Technologies
    • Dyn-Corp
    • Engineering Management Concepts, Inc. (wholly owned subsidiary of TetraTech Inc)
    • LongWave
    • Los Alamos Technical Associates (LATA)
    • M7 Aerospace LP
    • QuinetiQ North America Operations LLC, Systems Engineering Group
    • Texas Engineering Experiment Station (TAMU TEES)

    Small Businesses:

    • Adjuvant Consulting
    • Advanced Core Concepts, a division of Advanced Core Consulting, Inc.
    • Advancia Corporation
    • ASD
    • BTP Systems, LLC
    • Corporate Presentation Systems, Inc. (CPS)
    • Diligent Consulting
    • Falcona Management and Technology, LLC
    • FutureWorks Group
    • ITCN, Inc.
    • JM Waller Associates, Inc.
    • KLSS
    • LOUI Consulting Group
    • MainStream GS, LLC
    • Principal Technologies, Inc.
    • R3 Technology
    • Sytronics, Inc.
    • TeleDevices, LLC
    • VI Engineering, Inc.
    • Westech International, Inc.
  • Please contact the Program Manager at the Centralized Contracting Office (Hill AFB) for all general questions and requirements except at Tinker AFB and Robins AFB, which have their own Technical Leads. Tinker AFB, Robins AFB, and Wright-Patterson AFB are authorized ordering agencies and Contracting Officers from those sites can be contacted directly.

    Centralized Contracting Office:
    Contracting Office Supervisor
    6038 Aspen Ave/Bldg 1289NE
    Hill AFB, Utah 84056-5805
    DSN 777-2867, Com 801-777-2867
    Fax: DSN 586-7777, Com 801-586-7777

    Program Manager
    6038 Aspen Ave/Bldg 1289NE
    Hill AFB, Utah 84056-5805
    DSN 777-5030, Com 801-777-5030
    Fax: DSN 586-7777, Com 801-586-7777