Getting a Clean Active Directory

July 9, 2018

And keeping it that way as employees come and go

Have you ever started a new job, filled out all that paperwork, only to arrive on Monday morning and discover you don’t have a laptop? Or your email account isn’t set up yet? Or you don’t have the credentials yet to access the systems you need to even do your job? In the moment, it’s easy to find fault with the onboarding process. After all, it’s just a few forms and a login right?

Well, you’re not wrong. It’s largely a simple task, but it’s one task in a long line of others that need to be taken care of by a human person. Or at least it used to be. In less time than you may realize (a few weeks even), you can implement artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to automate your active directory accounts. So when a new employee is hired and submits their completed forms, your AI can immediately read, understand, and process them.

Not only does this save your human resources staff vast amounts of time, but it also guarantees 100% accuracy in your forms. You don’t have to wait for the employee to complete their forms, only to find out they left a required field blank, your AI already checks for that. When the forms do make it to the human approver, you already know they’re going to be completely filled out.

A 100% accuracy rating is table stakes. Our AI solution goes further to deliver a smooth and efficient onboarding process for everyone.

One of the best things about employing Shai within your service level tasks are the exponential benefits you’ll see over time. The scenario I mentioned above details a potentially bad experience for a new employee which Shai has the power to avoid.

But what happens when Shai is overseeing every new employee, contractor, or vendor that needs an account created within your company? It’s simple, there’s no roadblocks or obstacles on your end, but then that high-level of responsiveness is what you get a positive reputation for. The excitement and momentum new employees feel about starting with you don’t slow down at all—which is a common sticking point in many onboarding programs. Because Shai works 24/7 and 365 days a year, there’s no slow down whatsoever.

I did say Shai goes further though. Inevitably, people are going to depart your company at some point. Whether it’s a short-term contract, someone retires, or an employee leaves for a new opportunity, you need to make sure their access to your systems is turned off for a variety of security reasons. You can do it too, but Shai can take care of all of them faster with 100% accuracy.

Shai will automatically close out access and retire email accounts as soon as they’re invalid. There’s a number of benefits to this, not the least of which is just maintaining clean records and data. Do you know how many “dead” email accounts exist within your Active Directory? If you had Shai, it would be zero. If you’re audited on the accuracy of your Active Directory, you can immediately see the benefit here. Additionally, the cost savings you can find by properly managing software licenses associated with employee accounts will be an overarching triumph for any organization.

Furthermore, old email accounts sticking around in your system represent a security vulnerability. But we know that some companies have contractors that perform short-term work, then move on to a new job at another company, and then come back to you later. Normally, that would mean establishing a new account, shutting it down, and then restarting everything over again. But Shai can flag those contractors accounts, keep them dormant (so there’s no access to your systems but it’s not deleted), and then reactivate them again when you’re ready. No more unnecessary repetitive work.

And one more benefit I want to tout (because there’s not enough space for all of them), is the time your human employees are given back. By offloading the high-volume, repetitive tasks to Shai, this frees up your human capital to apply their knowledge and experience in better ways.

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By Brad Mascho
Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer, NCI