GovCon Leader NCI Partners with Holonic Technologies to Provide AI-driven Code Refactoring

June 24, 2019

Firm celebrates third exclusive commercial technology partnership to drive federal IT modernization

RESTON, Va., June 24, 2019 NCI Information Systems, Inc. (NCI), a leading provider of advanced information technology solutions and professional services to U.S. federal government agencies, today announced an exclusive partnership with Holonic Technologies, Inc. (Holonic). Holonic is an artificial intelligence (AI) firm based in Atlanta that specializes in automated code refactoring, modernization, and replatforming. NCI will harness the power of Holonic’s proprietary CodeIntent™ solution to further expand the capabilities of NCI’s Shai™ AI‑as-a-Service (AIaaS) offering.

By leveraging the Holonic AI technologies as part of Shai, NCI can help government agencies address today’s most urgent mandated security initiatives and modernization challenges, caused by outdated legacy code, antiquated programming languages, software owned or written by foreign-based companies, and shortages in highly-skilled programming staff for legacy systems.

“Government agencies are burdened with the significant cost of operating and maintaining legacy mission-critical systems,” said Paul A. Dillahay, president and CEO of NCI. “By delivering refactored applications using the CodeIntent platform, NCI will be able to decrease the time and cost of typical modernization efforts by more than 70 percent while significantly mitigating overall budget and schedule risk — with speed and accuracy unmatched by humans alone.”

CodeIntent is an additional tool within NCI’s overall AIaaS offering, which integrates powerful commercial technologies, such as intelligent automation, machine learning, code refactoring, and other customized solutions. These capabilities enable NCI to continue to operationalize AI for its government customers.

“Holonic is excited to partner with NCI to bring our proprietary code refactoring technology to the federal government,” said Eric B. Schorvitz, Ph.D., president, and CEO of Holonic. “Together, we will deliver an AI solution that radically improves software performance and increases the speed of operations for government clients.”

The Office of Management and Budget estimates the U.S. Government spends approximately 41 percent of its annual IT budget on the operation and maintenance of legacy systems. NCI’s AIaaS offering supports application modernization by leveraging operational AI tools using agile DevSecOps principles that decrease overall code complexity and minimize ongoing support costs.

With rapid code refactoring, Holonic’s CodeIntent can semantically understand as well as automatically modernize any legacy software system. The technology works by transforming the code of existing software into a standardized, simplified form — all without changing its behavior. Flaws are automatically corrected in both the implementation and the intent of the original code, ultimately resulting in the regeneration of streamlined software to any language, platform or architecture.

This agreement with Holonic is NCI’s third exclusive, strategic partnership with AI leaders from the commercial sector to benefit federal customers. NCI initiated its first exclusive partnership in 2017, with Columbus, Ohio-based Olive, formerly CrossChx, to help build a groundbreaking, proprietary, U.S.-coded AI platform for the federal government. Launched last June, Shai (Scaling Humans with AI), was the AI framework built to meet the rigorous security needs of the federal government. Leveraging only American-made operational AI tools, the Shai framework is designed to enable agencies to shift employees from low-value to high-value work. In April, NCI announced its second exclusive partnership with award-winning machine learning company Tanjo of North Carolina. Together with Tanjo, NCI is building new data analytics capabilities into Shai.

NCI was named a 2018 Industry Innovator, recognizing Shai as one of the top new innovations in the area of federal technology solutions.