Proud to be a strong partner to the U.S. Military and Defense Agencies

For 30 years, NCI has worked with various agencies and departments within the DoD, such as Army, Navy, AirForce and Joint Chief of Staff. We have helped them with increased efficiencies for their mission-critical challenges.

Some examples of our work with these agencies include our data center modernization efforts allowed us to accelerate the pace that our customers can securely adopt cloud-based solutions and offerings. At the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), Fort Bragg, and the Intelligence Community, we focus our data center modernizations efforts on improving operational efficiencies while taking advantage of economies of scale.

We have a proven track record to solve our customers’ most complex challenges through technology and innovation in areas such as advanced analyticsapplication modernization and development, cybersecurity, engineering and logistics, and end-to-end IT infrastructure solutions. And our Shai™ solutions empower your workforce to reach their potential and focus on higher-value work.

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