Empower Intelligence Center

Empower Intelligence Center

The Empower AI platform™ combines NCI’s more than 30 years of serving the federal government, engineering services, and our technology-based Empowerments, like the NCI Empower Intelligence Center, to deliver value with an AI as a Service (AIaaS) partnership model. Our AIaaS manages performance outcomes by continuously optimizing applied AI solutions, so both the human and technology get better over time.

Features Optimizing Your AI Workforce for Your Evolving Mission

Your mission and priorities are always evolving. Your AI workforce needs to evolve with your organization, too. That’s why you need the NCI Empower Intelligence Center: an AI-powered workforce operations center that watches and provides recommendations 24/7 to ensure both humans and machines are smarter over time.

With our Empower Intelligence Center, you can:


Continually assess and advance your AI operations with real-time performance awareness.


Use Empower/evolve as a sandbox to test new ideas.


Identify emerging problems and opportunities for process improvement.


Predict and mitigate emerging problems before a failure occurs.


Receive and make mission-critical recommendations for new processes based on continuous data.


NCI AIaaS complements your existing processes and as it is implemented, your organization will increasingly gain efficiencies while unleashing your team’s potential to provide more to meet your mission objectives. Here’s how it works:

1. Your organization increases capacity with increased flexibility to scale operations by automating repetitive tasks. This allows you to control costs and increase quality.

2. Many tasks are now automated, allowing your teams to take on new, more challenging roles in your organization. Improved operation efficiency cuts out wasted steps and speeds your processes.

3. With your teams free from repetitive tasks and taking on new skills, your organization can add more offerings to optimize your mission. This increases your team’s time to focus on complex problem-solving.

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