Now Serving: Every IT Ticket

August 8, 2018

Giving support to the team that supports everyone else

It’s inevitable that at some point in your career you’ve needed support from your IT department. Maybe you needed to download a piece of software, an upgrade to your laptop, or you just forgot your password (no one is immune from that last one). In most organizations, this process is handled by the employee submitting a ticket through an internal network. Input your name, describe the issue, and off it goes—hopefully to the right person.

Unfortunately, you might not know who to direct your question or problem to in your IT department. Which means your request could float around in the ether for a while before it gets picked up. Or altogether abandoned. Even worse, you might not have a system in place that notifies you of any action being taken on your ticket.

Is it being worked on? Did it get to the right person? Is that person on vacation? Did they not see it? Should you submit another ticket…just in case? The questions can be plentiful and it’s fair to say that communication can sometimes be part of the problem.

Shai is the perfect facilitator between your company’s users and your IT support staff. Always on, responsive, and taking action.

Let’s take one of the scenarios I referenced above; requesting access to systems and software for a new employee. Shai automatically gets sent several new-hire documents that need to be verified first so she logs into her own email account, downloads the documents, and reviews all the form fields to make sure they are complete and accurate.

What happens if there’s a field empty or incomplete? Shai drafts an email back to the new employee, directing them that further action is required on their part. Once the employee updates the form and sends it back, Shai reviews again, verifies that it’s all complete and sends it on so the right person can sign off on the employee’s documents.

What if the new employee is not a U.S. citizen? Or too much time has passed and a deadline was missed? Shai will immediately inform all the necessary parties of what needs to happen next, continually moving things forward at every step. She’ll even remind users about actions that they still need to take, making sure nothing (and no one) gets lost in the digital space.

You’re probably thinking that this all sounds great but wondering what it looks like in practice. Well, we use Shai in this exact capacity. Shai receives our employees ‘ IT support tickets, proactively communicates with all parties involved and makes sure things operate smoothly. That way, when a new employee shows up for their first day, their laptop, monitor, credentials, and software are all ready to go. And that’s one more great experience Shai has created.

By Brad Mascho
Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer, NCI