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This is NCI.

NAVIGATE: Since 1989, NCI works with customers to solve their biggest challenges. Our team listens and helps customers in defense, civil and health agencies navigate their everyday tasks and long-term strategies by bringing engineering, AI technology and services to meet their mission-critical needs.

COLLABORATE: We are a trusted partner. We work with our customers to help them implement their mission-critical plans and strategies. Our customers trust us to help them deliver the most important services with the highest customer experience.

INNOVATE: We partner with top technology providers and work with major vendors to bring the best innovations to our customers. We invest in new technologies and offer our customers a vital test environment in our NCI CREATE Lab.

NCI is a mid-tier systems integrator — big enough to make a difference yet small enough to be responsive to your needs — headquartered in Reston, Virginia, and operating at locations across the globe. We have an unwavering commitment to quality and total customer satisfaction.

NCI’s leadership team fosters a team culture that reflects an uncompromising dedication to help our customers solve their most complex challenges.


NCI is an employee-focused company that builds enduring customer relationships by delivering mission-focused, innovative solutions and enhanced shareholder value.


NCI Cares embodies our leadership team’s beliefs that giving back to the military and local communities where we serve is core to our corporate mission and values.


Our Leadership Team

President &

Chief Executive Officer


NCI is a leading innovator in the government IT marketplace and we are bringing the latest AI commercial solutions to our customers, so their teams can be more innovative.


NCI Shai®—Scaling Humans with Artificial Intelligence—is our AI solution framework and is transforming the way companies and federal agencies are doing business. With the ability to drive efficiencies and save costs, NCI Shai is changing the culture of today’s workforce.


NCI’s CREATE Lab — Center for Rapid Engagement and Agile Technology Exchange — builds next-generation, value-based solutions for our customers’ toughest problems in a collaborative, innovative and knowledge-sharing environment.

Our Initiatives to Transform Government



NCI innovates like a startup but operates at global scale.

We are an innovative provider of enterprise solutions and hold some of the best and largest government-wide acquisition contract vehicles in the industry. We are a trusted, go-to partner for the government.


The industry is noticing NCI.