Allen Badeau, PhD, PMP

Chief Technology Officer, Senior Vice President and Director, NCI CREATE Lab

Dr. Allen Badeau is the chief technology officer for NCI, as well as the director of the NCI Center for Rapid Engagement and Agile Technology Exchange (CREATE) Lab. In this role, he leads innovation research and development activities designed to add value to NCI’s customers and their missions, including cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, quantum computing, software defined networks, robotics, advanced data analytics, agile DevSecOps and many other areas.

With the CREATE Lab, NCI is building next-generation, value-based solutions for its customers utilizing a collaborative, knowledge-sharing environment. Under Allen’s direction, the CREATE ecosystem brings together people, processes, and ideas, as well as software and hardware resources — exploring the strategy and implementation of new and advanced technologies, and redefining how innovation is integrated into our customers’ environment.

Prior to joining NCI, Allen held various leadership roles at ASRC Federal, CSC, Innovative Management & Technology Services and Lockheed Martin. Allen received his bachelor’s in physics, and both his master’s and doctoral degrees in mechanical engineering from West Virginia University.