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IT Sustainment & Modernization

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Application Operations & Maintenance

Do you have day-to-day ground floor visibility into what your application maintenance teams are doing? Do your customers? Is application O&M costing too much? Let us help you bring efficiency and visibility to application O&M using our CK method and teams. Our approach has proven to increase break-fix throughput, reduce lead time and cut support costs.
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Application Development

……….. Take the risk out of your application development. Engage us for iterative/Agile development for one application, or to help you transform all of your project teams to iterative/Agile. We deliver working code with great frequency. NCI Scrum Masters and agile development teams have a significant software delivery track record with customer validated ROI.
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Additional Domain Expertise

Beyond IT O&M, NCI has award-winning experience in several domains. With skilled staff ranging from data scientists and GIS developers to seasoned experts who modernize systems and transform organizations, our delivery track record is a game changer to your organization’s goals.
  • Application Portfolio Management Get the real story on your projects and applications. Empower your PMO while rightsizing processes and expensive PPM products. Gain the affordable oversight you need with our LeanPMO® and TrueViewPM®.
  • Legacy Systems Modernization The failure rate of legacy replacement projects is nearly 85% because legacy modernization is far more complicated and nuanced than ordinary application development. Like our other customers, choose our experience and become another success story.
  • Data Strategy & Execution Called the lifeblood of the business, your data is a key asset and becoming even more significant. Far too often, however, it is locked in application silos and unavailable for enterprise use. Let us help you drive change through strategic execution.
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