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Advanced Analytics and Data Science

NCI’s work within the intelligence and healthcare communities is helping resolve the most complex high-volume analysis problems we face as a nation.

As a leader in mission-oriented intelligence-to-operations initiatives that reduce time and turn data into actionable information, NCI focuses on delivering innovative technologies to solve our customers’ complex challenges. We have significantly enriched the intelligence-to-operations lifecycle by applying scalable technologies and advanced algorithms to help interpret data. Our expertise encompasses:
  • Information sharing and knowledge management
  • Advanced graph analytics and enrichment services
  • Data mining
  • High-performance computing
  • Grid computing
NCI directly supports rapid and relevant discovery, anticipatory intelligence, focused analysis and persistent surveillance across multiple customer domains and operational disciplines. Our technical experts in ontology research, visualization, data modeling and computational linguistics provide enterprise capabilities to satisfy mission and customer needs. We couple our technical experts with regulation and healthcare subject-matter expertise to identify anomalies indicative of fraudulent, wasteful or abusive behaviors. NCI leverages information assurance (IA) principles to establish data standards and guidelines that enable clients to manage enterprise information through improved metadata management, master data management, data integration and data quality projects. Our solutions combine the functional expertise and knowledge of domain experts with advanced data mining and statistical algorithms. Our techniques include cluster analysis, data fusion and integration, machine learning, natural language processing, neural networks, predictive modeling, time series analysis and complex visualization (graph analytics). Let us know how we can work with you.