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Capacity Management Services

Our approach to capacity management provides operational and fiscal agility, as well as a breadth of technologies within a framework that promotes mission effectiveness and cost efficiencies.

Data requirements continue to grow rapidly within the DoD and Federal spaces, including cyber analytics, medical records, military surveillance, sensor networks, logistics tracking, and others. These growing datasets pose a number of complexities, such as rapid or unpredictable growth rates, storage architecture complexities, and uncertainty in storage framework design to support varying data access algorithms. Such challenges, coupled with ever-tighter budget constraints, make it clear that the traditional model of adding more servers to the infrastructure is becoming less optimal and potentially unachievable.

NCI’s approach to capacity management supports the Storage-as-a-Service (SaaS) concept, which allows organizations to build their infrastructure at a pace that supports their own growth trends and unique needs for “surge” capacity storage. In addition, our capacity management services offer smart, cost-effective approaches to managing capacity-related service levels, user expectations, and mission requirements. Through the use of real-time and near-real-time monitoring tools and process improvements, we proactively administer storage systems, enabling effective, cost-efficient, and just-in-time management of storage needs.

In addition, we partner directly with vendors that have existing relationships with virtually all storage and infrastructure providers. These relationships enable rapid access to hardware; flexible financing options; and through NCI’s experience and expertise, a partner that can install, maintain, and optimize storage systems to maximize organizations’ data storage capacity.