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Enterprise Infrastructure Visualization and Automation

Leveraging NCI’s approach to infrastructure visualization enables more rapid, efficient, and cost-effective responsiveness to support complex data centers of any size.

As data centers become more complex with hundreds of infrastructure components and thousands of inter-related connections, the ability to react quickly and efficiently to hardware issues or configuration changes becomes significantly more challenging. Furthermore, maintaining such infrastructure within tight budgets and ever-increasing service levels requires data center technicians and managers to quickly locate affected assets, identify relevant configurations, and troubleshoot alerts and errors. Combined with our ITIL-based enterprise management framework, infrastructure virtualization improves the ability of data center managers and systems analysts to respond to system performance issues, configuration changes, and what-if analyses.

Infrastructure Visualization

NCI has partnered with NDI SiteWare to develop solutions that enable the virtual, fully visualized management of data centers. Such a dynamic real-time graphical representation of the data center, combined with ticketing, configuration, and event management systems, allows technicians to quickly retrieve relevant configuration data about specific assets, assess performance issues, and restore degraded services. Our solution also allows engineers to analyze what-if scenarios, quickly manage ticket workflows, determine causes of network bottlenecks, and assess power/environmental considerations.

Flexibility and Improved Workflows

As a platform-independent application, our visualization solution enables greater flexibility in executing data center tasks and workflows. Using traditional support methods, technicians can only handle tickets at desktops or laptops, potentially having to connect to several applications or databases, print or take notes on required actions, and/or conduct change activities. This process is often tedious, lengthy, and error prone. Using our integrated visualization solution and tablets (e.g., iPad or Android), technicians can determine the physical location of hardware, access configuration details/documentation, conduct link tests, and confirm ticket completion—all while standing with the hardware racks and equipment being managed.