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Integrated Logistics and Supply Chain Management

NCI provides unique and comprehensive services to support supply chain management and integrated logistics programs, including parts management, supply chain risk assessment, and reverse engineering for obsolete components. We have supported engineering, supply chain, and readiness programs for a number of aging aircraft, including the C-5, B-2, T-38, E-3 AWACS, and F-38.

The Federal Government and the DoD face enormous challenges in maintaining mission capabilities during a time of intense fiscal pressure. Materials and supplies, spare parts, and consumable items must be provided to the right place at the right time, and inventories, technical data, and maintenance/repair operations must be optimized for maximum efficiency and increased component and system lifespans.

NCI delivers integrated logistics and supply chain management value through experience, innovation, and excellence. We provide multi-disciplinary teams composed of professionals whose career accomplishments cover the Federal and DoD supply chain enterprise from the command section to the shop floor. We seamlessly deliver supply chain management support and integrated logistics through statistical demand forecasting, inventory optimization, and comprehensive data-mining capabilities. Our predictive analysis and service-life extension capabilities ensure increased asset readiness and availability with reduced total cost of ownership.

We are actively engaged in extending service life through creative engineering and logistics solutions, playing a vital role in supporting critical aging aircraft readiness and multiple Air Force Space and Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence (C3I) platforms. In addition, we offer integrated fielded systems and logistics support, including the following:

  • Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortage (DMSMS) and Operational Safety, Suitability, and Effectiveness (OSS&E) programs
  • Sustainment re-engineering for out-of-production parts
  • Technology/manufacturer assessments
  • Analysis of alternatives (AoA) studies
  • Acquisition planning and program management
  • Modeling and Simulation