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Open Source and Agile Software Development

Application operations and maintenance is our specialty

Agile O&M® – our approach to application operations and maintenance – allows us to deliver high value features to our customers’ organizations with increased frequency. The result for CIOs – a greater ability to allocate funding toward impactful initiatives, driving the value of the IT organization.

Our customers are working within tighter budgets to support ever-expanding mission requirements. This leads to decreased fielding time and the need for more efficient approaches for implementing new capabilities and applications. NCI uses an innovative, agile-based methodology that incorporates rapid prototype development, periodic system reviews, spiral development releases, and a proven approach to customizing open source software capabilities. Our engineering methodology leverages industry best practices and has been certified and appraised with ISO 20000-1:2011, CMMI Level 3 and IEEE 12207 standards.

Application Operations & Maintenance

Do you have day-to-day ground floor visibility into what your application maintenance teams are doing? Do your customers? Is application O&M costing too much? Let us help you bring efficiency and visibility to application O&M using our CK method and teams. Our approach has proven to increase break-fix throughput, reduce lead time and cut support costs.

Application Development

Take the risk out of your application development. Engage us for iterative/agile development for one application, or to help you transform all of your project teams to iterative/agile. We deliver working code with great frequency. NCI scrum masters and agile development teams have a significant software delivery track record with customer-validated ROI.

Application Portfolio Management

Get the real story on your projects and applications. Empower your PMO while rightsizing processes and expensive PPM products. Gain the affordable oversight you need with our LeanPMO® and TrueViewPM®.

Data Strategy & Execution

Called the lifeblood of the business, your data is a key asset and getting more significant. But far too often, it is locked in application silos and unavailable for enterprise use. Let us help you drive change through strategic execution.

Geographic Information Systems

Standalone GIS applications are no longer enough. GIS is becoming a key requirement for many business applications. Exploit our award-winning open source, open-API approach to geo-enabling key applications.

LeanPMO® and TrueViewPM® for Full IT Visibility

LeanPMO® is fueled by our lightweight innovative product that rolls up full executive visibility directly from actual project management artifacts. Shedding the cost of traditionally heavier PMO reporting regimes, we drastically reduce reporting burden, allowing project staff to focus more on delivering value. NCI’s TrueViewPM® harvests key information – scope, budget, schedule, milestones, risks, staff – and presents a portfolio view that summarizes project status and allows drill down as far as to the original management artifacts.

Modernize Legacy Systems

85% of legacy replacement projects fail because legacy modernization is far more complicated and nuanced than ordinary application development. Like our other customers…choose NCI and become another success story!

Open Source Integration

Leveraging and customizing open source software can be an efficient and effective approach to implementing specific capabilities. NCI complements open source solutions with COTS and GOTS products. This enables an agile customization approach to enhance traditional software development discipline and rapidly introduce tailored system capabilities.

Production Systems Support

By implementing a lean manufacturing based process adapted for IT environments, we achieve significant cost and lead time reductions supporting production systems. NCI Kanban allows us to drive efficient delivery of ticket requests through full workflow transparency. Team members and customers – both – can visualize the status of all work requests. With full process transparency and lead-time metrics, team members strive to optimize the delivery model to rapidly deliver requests.