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Work and Life in Balance

What is good for the employee is good for the company. We’re not an effective company if there is no work-life balance for our employees.

We realize how important having a balanced life is to the productivity and creativity of our employees. We know that healthy employees foster a healthy business. We want our employees to succeed in their careers but not at the expense of the people and activities that mean the most to them.

We help our employees have peace of mind about the people they care for, so they can concentrate on their responsibilities at work. We enable them to provide for their dependents through a comprehensive benefits program that includes medical, dental, and vision insurance; a retirement savings plan; health reimbursement account options; disability and life insurance; comprehensive leave; and much more.

We see volunteerism as a means for our employees to stay connected to the communities in which they live and work. We want employees to volunteer in their communities and participate in the activities they care about, and we support them through approved time off and corporate financial contributions. To help support causes closest to our employees’ hearts, NCI established the corporate giving program, NCI Cares. Through NCI Cares, tax-deductible contributions are made by NCI and its employees to charitable organizations worldwide.

We also encourage healthy lifestyles by offering a wellness program where employees can receive reimbursement for gym memberships, exercise facilities, exercise classes, and weight-management and smoking-cessation programs.

We want our employees to enjoy working for us. We host annual holiday parties and summertime company picnics at corporate sites nationwide to show appreciation for our employees’ hard work and to foster camaraderie between co-workers and their families.

We also want our employees to save money by participating in our employee discount program, NCI Perks. Employees can find great deals on everyday services from AT&T, Verizon, Working Advantage, Dell, Apple, Staples, Sprint, and UnitedHealth Allies.

At NCI, we strive to create an environment where our employees can thrive personally and professionally. We encourage them to find the right mix between career, home, community service, and personal time by providing many options to help them create and live balanced lifestyles.