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Get more done with intelligent automation

Maximize the potential of the humans in your organization with smart, scalable automation solutions. Our Empower/it uses a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) that stands out because we combine computer vision and Machine Learning skills, along with fundamental RPA capabilities, to automate a broad range of operational processes, freeing up employees your organization to perform complex, strategic tasks that require human judgement and experience.

FEATURES AND BENEFITS Customized intelligent automation solutions

Based on our NCI Shai® (Scaling Humans with Artificial Intelligence) philosophy, our Empower/it combines advanced RPA software with Machine Learning for a smarter, more responsive automation solution. We can develop customized intelligent automation solutions to help your organization:

Reduce error rates and standardize outputs for improved performance and compliance

Reduce costs and cycle times for repetitive tasks, so you can get more done with less manpower

Increase organizational capacity and responsiveness, allowing you to quickly scale operations

Free up human capital for complex or client-facing processes that cannot be automated

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WATCH THE VIDEO Maximize the potential of the humans in your organization

DevSecOps DevSecOps: Built for Security

We integrate security into every phase of development and operations. All of our software and IT solutions follow current Federal Risk Management Framework guidelines and OWASP recommended practices for secure design, development, implementation and disposition.

  • 100% U.S. developed and maintained
  • Developed in accordance with secure coding practices
  • Works seamlessly with approved ATO platforms and systems

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