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Seaport-e Contract Information

The Naval Sea Systems Command’s Seaport Enhanced (SeaPort-e) contract boasts premiere services on over 22 functional areas and is the Navy’s premiere and preferred contract of choice. Simply Stated, SeaPort-e provides a faster, better, and more cost-effective means of contracting for professional support services.

  • SeaPort-e is a multiple award Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract with a 15 year period of performance and a wide array of functional areas. The contract broken up into seven zones is available for multiple agencies but is primarily utilized by the U.S. Navy. NavSea is one of the largest of Navy’s five system commands and was obligated $12 billion dollars towards the start of the contract. Historically, there was little visibility into the distribution of this money until the creation of this contract.

    Key Features of the Contract

    • Navy Vehicle Choice
    • HQ Centered Professional Support Services
    • Multiple-Contract Types. no undefined orders
    • 7.5% contract access fee: no additional charge for value added services
    • Limited support to other DoD. Non DoD and Joint Agencies

    NCI’s SeaPort-e Zones

    • Zone – 1 Northeast
    • Zone – 2 National Capital
    • Zone – 3 Mid Atlantic
    • Zone – 4 Gulf Coast
    • Zone – 5 Midwest
    • Zone – 6 Southeast
    • Zone – 7 Northwest
  • NCI is a leading provider of enterprise solutions and services to U.S. defense, intelligence, health and civilian government agencies. The company has the expertise and proven track record to solve its customers’ most important and complex mission challenges through technology and innovation. NCI’s team of highly skilled professionals focuses on delivering cost-effective solutions and services in the areas of agile development and integration; cybersecurity and information assurance; engineering and logistics; big data and data analytics; IT infrastructure optimization and service management; and health and program integrity. Headquartered in Reston, Virginia, NCI has approximately 2,000 employees operating at more than 100 locations worldwide.

    SeaPort-e Contract # : N00178-14-D-7852
    NCI DUNS # : 62-086-4504
    Business Size: Large
    NCI is registered in the contractor Central Registration (CCR) System and our company information can be obtained by inserting our CAGE Code (0MX49)

    Quality Assurance Program

    This is the process that must be followed for all courseware deliverables.

      1. When a product (either WBT or ILT) is ready for review, the appropriate
        ProjectManager (or designated representative, such as the lead ISD) uses the
        KartaTicketSystem to send a ticket to the QA Manager. The Project Manager
        should also add, at a minimum, another QA resource and both the primary and
        secondary BuildManagers as watchers on the ticket. This ticket should provide as
        much relevant information as possible. At a minimum, all QA tickets must
        include the following:

        1. description of project to be tested
        2. date QA will begin
        3. date QA must be completed
        4. location of project files.
      2. If the product is a deliverable, the person creating the ticket must also include the
        date the product must be delivered to the client, as well as all methods of
        deployment, and delivery of the product. It is important to understand the
        distinction between method of delivery and method of deployment. Method of
        Delivery is how the product is to delivered to the client. This could include a CD,
        the Workshop Staging Area, or a zip file on the Workshop Project File Area.
        Method of Deployment is how the product will be run in its deployed
        environment. This could include a CD, the Web, or a SCORM LMS. For more
        information refer to KartaSystemDeploymentMethods and
      3. The Project Manager is responsible for ensuring that all appropriate personnel
        have access to the correct project charge codes for RecordingHoursInET.
      4. The QA Manager assigns the ticket as appropriate. Choose one of the following:
        1. If this is a NonSoftwareDeliverable product, the QA Manager assigns the
          ticket for QA. Go to step 6.
        2. If this is a SoftwareDeliverable product, the QA Manager assigns the
          ticket so the product can be built for QA. Go to step 5.
      5. The QA Manager assigns the ticket to the BuildManager. The BuildManager
        directs the packaging of the course as specified in the Build Procedure for each of
        the deployment methods specified by the Project Manager. If the build(s) pass a
        basic functional check, the BuildManager updates the ticket indicating the
        location of the build(s) and accompanying comments spreadsheet (i.e., folder
        containing the defect tracking : Resource:functionalTesting.xls ) and assigns
        the ticket back to the QA Manager. However, if the build(s) fails a functional
        check, the BuildManager updates the ticket with this information, assigns the
        ticket to the Project Manager who assigns to the appropriate area for rework.
      6. The QA Manager assigns the ticket to the appropriate QA resource.
      7. QA completes its review, noting all defects in the spreadsheet.
      8. When QA is complete, QA updates the ticket, stating that the review is complete
        (plus any other appropriate comments). Choose one of the following:

        1. If this is an ILT project, QA reassigns the ticket to the Project Manager.
          The QA process is complete.
        2. . If this is a SoftwareDeliverable product, QA reassigns the ticket to the
          Project Manager.
      9. The Project Manager is responsible for determining whether defects identified are
        valid issues but this decision must be made with input from QA, Systems, ISD,
        and CD. If necessary, the Project Manager will meet with the QA Manager to
        reach consensus on the defects that will or will not be fixed.
      10. The Project Manager assigns defects to the appropriate developer(s) (ISD, CD,
        Systems) to be fixed. The Project Manager should NOT assign the main QA
        ticket to a developer. The main QA ticket will remain assigned to the Project
        Manager until such time as the product is ready to be reviewed again.
      11. When the course is ready for a validation round of QA, the Project Manager
        reassigns the ticket to the QA Manager, stating that the product is ready for
        another build.
      12. The QA Manager assigns the ticket to the BuildManager, noting that the product
        is ready for another build.
      13. The BuildManager packages the product and assigns the ticket to QA for fix
      14. QA completes its review and reassigns the ticket to the Project Manager.
        NOTE: There could be one or more iterations of the build/fix/verify process if
        fixes are not made correctly or if further issues are identified. This process will
        continue till the product is free of defects.
      15. When the Project Manager and the QA Manager agree that the current build of the
        product is ready for delivery, the Project Manager assigns the ticket to the
        BuildManager. The Project Manager will note in the ticket that the product is
        ready for delivery and will confirm the delivery method(s).
      16. The BuildManager deploys the product using the specified delivery method(s).
      17. The BuildManager assigns the ticket back to the Project Manager confirming the
        deployment of the product.
      18. The Project Manager confirms that deployment is to his or her satisfaction and
        closes the ticket.
  • NCI Contract # N00178-14-7852

    Award (base Period of Performance): Nov 13, 2013 to April 04, 2013

    Option Period of Performance: April 04, 2014 to April 04, 2019

    Business Size: Large
    Payment Terms: Prompt Pay
    NCI DUNS # : 62-086-4504
    CAGE Code: 0MX49
    Rate and LCATs to be utilized: Labor Categories and rates are identified at the Order level. Maximum pass through on Subcontractor’s is 9.00% (refer to clause H.10, Savings Clause).

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  • NCI’s award winning Seaport E team is composed of both large and small business partners that are able to meet your requirements and needs. This team includes qualified and certified engineers, as well as strong program management to allow for smooth communication and complex solutions in proper time. NCI understands the needs of the small business community, the impact they have on the American economy, and the value they bring to our government. Below is a list of some of our teammates with links to their corporate websites for additional information.

    NCI Information Systems
    NCI, an industry leader in IT solutions, systems engineering, and information systems engineering (ISE) support, provides full-scale information systems support to numerous DoD clients. NCI is experienced in network, systems, security engineering, implementation, testing, and operations. An ISO 9001-certified company, NCI’s successful program/project management includes managing large industry teams using our in-place, automated, collaborative Task Order/Delivery Order management and Systems Engineering Process management tools.

    ARINC Defense
    Installs and integrates next-generation avionics systems and communications technologies. ARINC provides everything from engineering and design to testing and evaluations, including precision approach and landing GPS technologies that operate day or night in adverse weather or terrain. In support of its SeaPort-e partnership with NCI, ARINC will provide services in the following areas: data application; engineering services; integration services; modeling and simulation; Naval warfare support; network engineering; reliability, maintainability, and supportability engineering; test and evaluation; and training support.

    Audio Video Services
    Specializes in audio video systems engineering and integration. AVS has designed, installed, and maintains complex audio, video, and control systems for numerous customers and environments. AVS has extensive experience with sound, high-resolution video, large-screen projection, and complex control systems. A value-added reseller, AVS’s in-house capabilities include: system, software, and CAD design capabilities; full system assembly and test before site delivery; onsite integration staff for professional, efficient work at customer facilities; ongoing maintenance for peak system performance.

    Supports the Navy and Marine Corps with more than 400 professionals around the world, all committed to helping customers achieve breakthrough performance. BP currently supports the Navy’s converged ERP system, develops processes to support its functional area management initiative, and assists in the long-term implementation of its financial improvement plan. BP’s cultural values align with its clients’ in its commitment to client success, each other’s success, leaders who serve, integrity in its actions, speed with purpose, and teamwork and collaboration.

    Eiden Systems Corporation
    Delivers high-quality, cost-effective solutions for IT consulting, project, and staffing services needs. ESC consultants have demonstrated expertise in providing leading technology solutions, secure systems, and applications, as well as delivering a broad spectrum of application, system, and database solutions. Overall services capabilities include: LAN, WAN, and systems architecture; application, e-Commerce, and Web development; database management, warehouse, and decision support systems; consulting, project management, business and systems analysis; and intelligence and secure systems, and public key.

    Provides quality technical support in data fusion, integration, classification, systems engineering, program management, and professional training/development, and can provide synergistic advantage to this and future business partnerships. ErisTech’s core business strategy and policy is to combine its engineering technology expertise with senior military/operational experience and management to provide DoD customers with the best in technical engineering, program support, and requirement services. ErisTech incorporates technical engineering and research skills with operational military experience to effectively address emerging military industry requirements.

    Key Strategies Group
    Provides experienced, knowledgeable, results-oriented professionals. Flexible and easy to work with, Key is dedicated to quality performance and customer satisfaction. Key specializes in business development, strategic management, contract logistical support, all hazards emergency preparedness planning, consequence management and emergency response. Key’s background in the military arena, especially in strategic management and contract logistical support, adds to the benefits that it provides as a company.

    Delivers consistently excellent service to Global 2000 companies and Federal Government customers. MicroTech employs talented, committed professionals to provide world-class service delivery capabilities in systems engineering and administration; network design and administration; packaged solution selection and integration; custom application and Web development; process analysis, design, and improvement; program Management and support; strategic consulting; and technology solutions. Its delivery processes embrace industry best practices, which focus on measurable results and returns while minimizing risk

    Monitor Associates, Inc
    Provides consulting services in organizational development and evolution and emergency preparedness. Monitor enables organizations to proactively prepare for and deal with organizational changes, internal realignments, and the results of natural or man-made disasters. Monitor has proven expertise in guiding clients in building organizations and coalitions to respond to and mitigate the challenges of today’s world. Personnel have extensive experience and expertise in organizational development, improvement, and strategic planning activities, as well as emergency preparedness, response, and recovery.

    RVJ International, Inc
    Manages and performs IT support services in a complex multi-task, multi-company, performance-based, IDIQ environment. It brings established policies, procedures, and techniques that cover all aspects of contract operations, including management techniques, productivity/cost considerations, and personnel management. RVJ’s ability to manage and perform SeaPort-e tasks is substantiated by the recent and ongoing IT task order contracts, where it successfully demonstrated similar work scope and success in a PB environment with comparable technical and programmatic complexity.

  • For more information on utilizing the contract please use the following links below:


    Contract SeaPort-e
    SeaPort-e Customer Support Center
    133 Isaac Hull Avenue SE, Stop 2040
    Washington Navy Yard, DC 20376-2040