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Built based on our philosophy of Scaling Humans with Artificial Intelligence, or NCI Shai®, our Empower™ platform gives our customers the flexibility to scale their teams using NCI’s proven process of combining AI capabilities and process engineering that continuously develops and learns in real-time. Our AI Empower/ment tools provide time- and cost-savings for your organization by providing intelligent automationMachine Learningcode modernization, as well as other customized tools.


NCI Empower™ AI platform provides enterprise-wide solutions allows for never-before-seen efficiencies, dependability, accuracy and cost savings to organizations. Our combination of expert engineering and AI technologies allows for rapid execution and decision-making. The NCI Empower platform’s 24/7 portal allows for your organization to watch the performance of your customized hub as Machine Learning and intelligent automation make the hub the most efficient AI solution.


NCI Empower  platform’s 24/7 portal allows your organization to watch the performance of your customized hub.

Empower Hub

Our NCI Empower hub includes proven AI solutions deployed by NCI. Data is continuously added to the hub in order for it to increase AI delivery of recommended code, retrainable data sets, technical recommendations and more.


Our hub includes NCI Empower/ments — AI tools and capabilities — that offer proven solutions to meet your needs. Our Empower/ments include intelligent automation with customized bots, rapid code modernization software, and machine learning — all designed to empower your organization.


NCI Empower/me is a customized hub to meet your needs and whose architecture can be deployed on-premise or in a DoD-approved, classified environment. Its open architecture allows for data to be added in real-time.


NCI Empower/evolve is our proprietary AI Workforce Operations Center that watches portals 24/7 to ensure both humans and machines are getting smarter over time. The center allows our customers to view their hub performance and a built-in alert system provides real-time awareness of the systems’ performance and usage. Empower/evolve also makes recommendations to processes based on actual user usage.

BENEFITS Harness new insights

NCI Empower platform deploys operational AI tools, using proven development methodologies and principles.

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