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NCI Empower AI platform

Combined with 30 years of serving the US government, our Empower AI platform™ gives our customers the flexibility to scale their teams. Our platform combines engineering and AI know-how to deliver a 24/7 AI as a Service model that continuously manages performance outcomes, so both the human and technology get better over time.

How it Works Unleash Your Human Potential

The NCI Empower Platform is an enterprise open-architecture, COTS platform to provide secure, containerized access to deploy AI solutions and as a result,  produces a government workforce that is exponentially more creative and productive. The platform includes our Empower toolkit, and along with our engineering AI services, we deliver Empowerments that continuously learn and advance—making your systems and teams smarter over time.

Persona Simulator

Dynamic, simulated personas help organizations gather a deep understanding of internal and external customers.  Using machine learning, the personas will help you gain insight on how each customer segment will react to a product, service or message and predict future reactions as the personas develop.

Intelligence Center

An AI-powered workforce operations center that watches and provides recommendations 24/7 to ensure both humans and machines are smarter over time.

Decision Support

Teaching your systems to learn how to find alignment among your documents and data is key to optimizing your outcomes.

Service Desk

Our certified NCI team leverages IT service management to transform your hosted or cloud-based service desk systems to meet your organization’s specific performance and workflow expectations.

AI Assistant

Empower AI Assistant resides on your computer and provides the information you need in real time. It continuously adapts from your inputs, as well as from the library of other Empower AI Assistant’s solutions, providing you ― the human operator ― with a decision advantage.

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