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WHO WE ARE NCI brings commercial AI technology to our customers.

NCI is the leader in bringing commercial artificial intelligence (AI) technology to the federal government. We collaborate with commercial partners and develop customized AI tools to bring the best operational AI tools and IT know-how to solve our customers’ biggest challenges. For more than 30 years, our customers have trusted us to ensure their mission-critical systems are operational and ready every day.




About NCI Our Expertise

For more than 30 years, NCI has worked with customers in the Department of Defense, Civil, and Health agencies to provide them mission-critical solutions that combine our engineering expertise with technology solutions.


NCI works with various agencies and departments within the DoD, such as Army, Navy, Air Force, and Joint Chief of Staff. Our teams, using AI Solutions, help them increase efficiencies for their mission-critical challenges.


Our work with civilian agencies, such as the FCC, help solve some of our nation’s most critical IT challenges. Digital transformation is vital to keeping our government agencies not only current but ahead with the latest innovations.


Our specialized skill sets span information technology (IT) services, electronic health records management, data analysis, case management, medical review, and investigations. We provide fraud investigation, proactive data analytics, and secure IT infrastructure services.


Bringing Commercial Innovation to Our Federal Customers.

NCI is a leading provider of enterprise solutions and services to the U.S. defense, civilian and health government agencies. Our AI philospohy, NCI Shai®, provides our customers with commercial technology that advances their mission. Our NCI Empower™ AI platform provides efficient AI solutions and 24/7 services for our customers.

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NCI employees are helping change the world by delivering innovative solutions and services to our government customers. Come and be a part of our story.

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