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Building American-made AI to help transform the federal workforce

NCI is an AI company dedicated to helping U.S. federal agencies solve their toughest challenges. Our mission is to help our government customers deploy the most powerful and secure AI technologies to achieve meaningful transformation.

We leverage three decades of mission experience to craft tailored AI solutions using a proven platform we call Empower®. These solutions provide practical, sustainable paths to transformation that are true to who our clients are, what they do, where and how they work, and the resources they have.

The result is a government workforce that is becoming exponentially more creative and productive.


Bringing Commercial Innovation to Our Federal Customers

NCI is a leading provider of enterprise solutions and services to the U.S. defense, civilian and health government agencies. Our AI provide our customers with services and commercial technology that advances their mission. Not just an out-of-the box technology company, our AI as a Service (AIaaS) delivers more than 30 years of engineering and IT services along with our Empower AI platform™ to provide customers with an AI solution that is 24/7 and always learning. That makes your teams even more efficient and productive.

NCI’s Empower AI Platform®

NCI’s Empower AI Platform combines mission understanding with artificial intelligence under a unique innovation management engine. All three work as one to provide clients with a 360º view of their digital evolution. And unlike off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all, open-source technologies, Empower is mission-built and mission-ready from day one.


We are constantly working to build a broadly inclusive work culture by actively fostering a workplace that respects the unique perspectives of every employee. See our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion charter and learn what makes NCI one of the best places to work.

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