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NCI Cares

At NCI, we believe strongly in supporting the communities in which we live and work as well as our veterans, service members and their families around the globe.

Every mission deserves the power of AI.

NCI is an AI company dedicated to helping public agencies solve their toughest challenges. We produce AI to help agency personnel and program partners achieve meaningful transformation – rooted in the challenges they face and the goals they hold. 

We leverage three decades of mission experience to craft tailored AI solutions using a proven platform we call Empower®. These solutions provide practical, sustainable paths to transformation that are true to who our clients are, what they do, where and how they work, and the resources they have. The result is that public professionals at every agency, in every function, can gain the insights needed to break out of their bounds and move their missions forward.



NCI innovates like a startup but operates at global scale.

We are an innovative provider of enterprise solutions and hold some of the best and largest government-wide acquisition contract vehicles in the industry. We are a trusted, go-to partner for the government.


NCI is a leading innovator in the government IT marketplace and we are bringing the latest AI commercial solutions to our customers, so their teams can be more innovative.


Empower AI Platform— NCI's 

AI technology that makes your workforce more creative and productive. Tools to make your organization faster, safer, and smarter. Empower your human potential.


NCI’s CREATE Lab — Center for Rapid Engagement and Agile Technology Exchange — builds next-generation, value-based solutions for our customers’ toughest problems in a collaborative, innovative and knowledge-sharing environment.

Our Initiatives to Transform Government


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