Empowerment Persona Simulator

Get a better understanding of your customers

Dynamic, simulated personas help organizations gather a deep understanding of internal and external customers. Partnering with Tanjo, a leader in machine learning, we combine NCI engineering with proven machine learning technology to create simulated employees, customers or other targets that help you meet your mission objectives.


Using machine learning, the personas will help you gain insight on how each customer segment will react to a product, service or message and predict future reactions as the personas develop. It can simulate a population where ideas can be tested at a fraction of the cost.

Collecting Data

The personas develop by using data that comes from multiple sources and begin to learn what your customer or target wants and needs, as well as their motivation.


In a simulated environment, you can run tests with your personas to determine how each of the customer models would react to your message. The more developed the persona is, the more granulated the information can be.

Quantified Results

Personas provide continuous learning from your current or future customers, which allows you to predict how customers’ habits may impact messaging, product or services.

BACKED BY RESEARCH Extensive Research Led to the Simulated Personas Development

Our partner Tanjo spent years of research to break new ground at the intersection of machine learning and behavioral science. With NCI engineers’ extensive AI process engineering capabilities, our simulated personas allow you to test product or service concepts and messaging to an unbiased group of digital stand-ins that represent their customers’ true values and interests. Our simulated personas can deliver 10x or more return-on-investment than traditional testing methods.

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