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Registered Nurse and

Medical Review Manager at NCI

NCI’s Denise Scavo knows exactly why she focused her work on health care.


After she earned a bachelor’s degree in nursing, and while earning a master’s degree in Health Care Administration, Scavo’s final project for the degree involved the details of how a company’s human resources department would find and build tools and develop resources for military veterans to reintegrate after their service.


“I discovered that NCI sees that need, and also wants to help integrate those veterans,” she said. “I found that NCI has that sense of service, and this company is just infused with it. How can you say no to that? I finally found a company that is living it: helping others, helping vets who want to integrate.”


When she joined NCI in December 2020 as a medical review manager, she continued her work reviewing medical paperwork related to policies for multiple states and procedures. She also appreciated the focus that her clients have about helping others.


“Our client is serious about its responsibility to safeguard integrity of their programs, resulting in better service to Medicaid and Medicare recipients,” she said. “One of our client’s strategies is to reduce improper payments through work done by NCI’s medical review team. By reviewing claims for medical necessity and proper documentation, the medical review team not only supports our client’s goals, but also provides valuable best-practice recommendations to states.”


Scavo continued: “This work takes lots of medical expertise to determine whether the record is valid and appropriate. Nuance is everywhere in these records.”


Over the years, Scavo has become very familiar with the overwhelming amount of medical paperwork required for a policy or a procedure, and she does her best to remember that there are humans behind these mounds of paperwork.


“I have a family member who has an intellectual disability, and I have a passion for helping others who need it,” she said. “I have worked directly with CMS more often than I count, and the people came together for this program, and the people are incredible.”


She appreciates the people themselves, who work to help others.


“I have been privileged to work with some amazing individuals throughout my nursing career,” she said. “Nowhere have I had the pleasure of working with a team with this level of dedication to the demonstration of excellence in everything they do. Whether it be making the right decision on a claim, supporting fellow teammates, or collaborating with our client, NCI and my review team really care about doing it right.”


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