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An AI Management System so you can view your total impact of change

Ready to Take the First Step?

NCI’s Empower AI Platform brings superior engineering and AI technology to create the government workforce we need for tomorrow, and for generations to come. If you’re ready to take the first step, we’re here to help you.


Eliminates time-consuming analysis with graphical displays


Watches and analyzes our progress to recommend next steps to take


Provides continual, real-time updates of our ROI commitments to you

Visual Display to Keep Your AI Programs In Focus

Through our Empower Leads Walls, you can see a unique view of your objectives, projects, and tasks updated in real-time as work is accomplished. See What is being planned, Why it is being done, and How it is working.

An Integrated AI Management System Built for Government

Empower Leads equips mission leaders with the integrated AI management system, methodology, governance model, and visual display to view your AI landscape and ensure your digital transformations are successful.

Organize and Prioritize Your AI Programs

Empower Leads keeps all stakeholders aligned to ensure your priorities are met. The Empower Leads Database ensures you maximize your return of value your most crucial projects.

Determine and Track Your ROI

Through our integrated AI management system, we ensure your ROI is determined upfront, measured constantly, and met quickly. The Empower Leads calculator uses dozens of factors of both cost and value to provide a transparent accounting of your total impact of change.

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