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24/7 RPAs provide you with enhanced productivity, efficiency, and scale


Developed in-house so we can accommodate any underlying system or application


Completely auditable and accountable to ensure automation solves your mission challenges.


Focus on the most impactful work by automating complex human tasks with AI.

Uniquely Tailored for Your Needs

NCI can build and deploy an RPA solution to meet your agency’s specific needs. In one example, we reduced the time needed to generate weekly reporting from 5 hours down to 90 seconds. And any RPA solution can run 24/7 to keep your organization moving forward.

Ready to Take the First Step?

NCI’s Empower AI Platform brings superior engineering and AI technology to create the government workforce we need for tomorrow, and for generations to come. If you’re ready to take the first step, we’re here to help you.

Deploy RPAs Where You Need Them Most

Automate service desk and account management functions

Convert disparate forms and information to standard templates

Process lists and streamline file storage

Generate key data and analytics reports

Perform data entry analysis for consistent accuracy

Simplified Deployments

With a simple low code editor, our teams can quickly build robotic process automation (RPA) programs to be securely deployed in any environment. Our AI Engineers uses our studio of tools to create digital “instructions” to automate tasks without deviation.

Scheduled Automations Ensure Maximum Availability

Our centralized, server-based RPA management command and control center ensures all automations are timed to work and monitored for performance. Our scheduling tools ensure that each automation runs exactly when you want it.

Auditable and Secure

From login to logout, every action Empower Works takes is tracked and logged to ensure maximum auditability and security.

Automating Complex Human Tasks

Empower AI Works accurately and independently automates tasks without the need for human intervention. Empower AI Works enables our customers to start with simple robotic process automation to achieve early productivity wins, and then add more advanced abilities to achieve more transformative power.

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